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The One Year Membership fee of ONLY HK$650 will entitle you to your own Personalised card, which you can use to enjoy all the benefits and Privileges 7 days a week!  

只須付港幣 650 元年費,即可使用擁個人化設計的會員卡盡享一周七日的會員尊享禮遇!

This exclusive membership is available to Hong Kong residents* aged 21 years old or over. *International residents are welcome but their application will be reviewed before accepted.

如此尊尚的會藉只適合年21滿歲或以上的香港居民申請。 *亦接受其他國家居民申請,請注意該申請須經過批核程序。

Email for details on how to join.

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