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Some of the Past Wishes of friends, possible and current members...

Question: What about more spa? (Celine N. October 2008)

Answer: Paua Group including Elemis Day Spa, Paua Spa, Ziz Men Skincare, Beautiful Skin Centre and Victorian Spa came on board.

Question: What about discount on non-party events? (Thomas K. October 2008)

Answer:  We have Get Smart! Hong Kong, Organising Solutions offering discount and SilverBlack Card will be organising its own event soon.

Question: What about signing up venues in Lan Kwai Fong? (Ken W. September 2008)

Answer: Zinc has joined us last month.

Question: Can you sign up summer related retail shops? (Steve P. July 2008)

Answer: We had Ozzie Cozzie offering a complimentary pair of Havaianas upon purchasing any ladies swimwear and Tanning Studio joining us soon.

Question: Is SilverBlack Card signing up more different cuisines? (Nick A. June 2008)

Answer: We hope to have Habibi Restaurant, an Egyptian restaurant joining us next month.

Question: Do we have more fitness centre joining the SilverBlack Card? (Silvia S. May 2008)

Answer: We have California Fitness joining us this month.

Question: What about signing more clubs to the card? (Janice H. March 2008)

Answer: We hope to have Beijing Club joining the card regularly in May.

Question: What about some more catergories? = Sammy T. (January 2008)

Answer: We are working on Medical and House & Home and Fashion has now been expanded.

Question: How about a Japanese reaturant? = Arthur K. (October 2007)

Answer: Thanks for that comment, we now have two Japanese restaurants.

Question: Can you improve some of the benefits that you are currently offering to your members? - Diana F. (September 2007)

Answer: We are currently talking to all of our vendors to offer some more exciting benefits that should be published by the end of October 2007.

Question: What about an airline? - Tom J. (August 2007)

Answer: We just got Viva Macau airlines for certain flights.

Question: How about more sports benefits, let say Golf? - Winnie L. (July 2007)

Answer: We have Central Golf joining us in August! 

Question: Do you have the Keg from the Igors Group - Tony R. (June 2007)

Answer: We hope to work with the Igors Group one day.

Question: I would like a shop to buy new and trendy eye wear. - Manek H. (May 2007)

Answer: Sure, we are talking to certain companies and will have something confirmed by June 2007.

Question: I would like to see more clubs on the site. - Thomas W. (April 2007)

Answer: We have a couple of new clubs that will join in June 2007.


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